Senior Clear Round Show Jumping
Misterton & District

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Entries Close:
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Class Price Members Price
5-5.30pm 60cm
+£0.56 Booking Fee
5.30-6pm 70cm
+£0.56 Booking Fee
6-6.30pm 80cm
+£0.56 Booking Fee
6.30-7pm 90cm
+£0.56 Booking Fee
7-7.30pm 80cm
+£0.56 Booking Fee
7.30-8pm 70cm
+£0.56 Booking Fee

Senior Members Clear Round Show Jumping 5pm - 8pm
Tuesday 19th April at The Club Field. 1st Club Evening!!

5-5.30pm 60cm 5 entries
5.30-6pm 70cm 5 entries
6-6.30pm 80cm 5 entries
6.30-7pm 90cm 5 entries
7-7.30pm 80cm 5 entries
7.30-8pm 70cm 5 entries

I appreciate not all times will suit all, and if anyone wishes to jump 1m or another height and time/entries allow we can try and accommodate you, please comment in class entry.
I have closed entries on Sunday night so that I can check and confirm times on Monday, within each half hour slot.
The event is subject to weather and ground conditions at the club field.
Please arrive in good time to warm up and make your time slot
If anyone is free to help before or after their round it would be greatly appreciated as I too wish to jump a round.

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