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My Riding Club Terms & Conditions of Service

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My Riding Club is an online booking service enabling event organisers to advertise and sell entries and tickets online.

My Riding Club terms and conditions issued 20th November 2017, by using the platform (My Riding Club website and entries platform) you agree to these terms and conditions. We reserves the right to ammend or add to these terms and conditions at any point.

Online Booking Terms & Conditions:

When you as the customer enter an event the agreement is between the customer and the organiser.  My Riding Club only provides the platform in which to advertise and facilitate online booking.  My Riding Club does not accept any liability on the provision of services.  My Riding Club charges a non-refundable booking fee on entries.  Entries refunded by an organiser will be net of the booking fee charged.  My Riding Club accepts no responsibility for disputes or refund requests, these must be made directly to the event organiser.  My Riding Club may facilitate in mediation between customers and event organisers when agreement cannot be found.

Event Organiser Terms & Conditions

You will accept all liability for information provided on the My Riding Club platform and will indemnify us against and third party claims in relation to any data submitted to us and displayed on the platform. Data is provided to you purely to facilitate transactions on this website, this data cannot be used for any direct marketing.  You will be the data controller for any information that is provided to you via the platform. You must make your terms and conditions of entry known to the customer including your refunds and cancellation policies. You agree to follow any decision made by My Riding Club via mediation in a dispute between you and the customer. Transfer of funds will be transferred to you within 7-10 working days of the event date/ date the membership was purchased.

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